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Alex Hackeling, as she appears in "Lost on the Offramp".

Alex Hackeling is a character appeared in "Lost on the Offramp". Spike found this adorable girl on the street and adopted her in the hopes of getting attention for herself. What Spike didn't realize that Alex was a pretty one and a saboteur, bent on replacing the entire cast of Woodlawn Middle in the hearts and minds of New Jersey's fickle television viewers. And with her hypnotic, unstoppably cute stare, she nearly got away with it. When her evil scheme was finally revealed, she was banished to the inglorious world of 7th grade entertainment.


Alex Hackeling is a pretty girl getting attention.

Alex Hackeling
Some attributes
First Name: Alex Hackeling
Second Birthday: February 27, 1999
Third Friends: Spike Ellison, Mista Ellison, Blinger Motley, Chomperoo Ebrahimi.
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Albert Hartmann