Colleen Rooney 1

Colleen Rooney, as she appears in It's Full of Stars.

Colleen Rooney is a character appeared in It's Full of Stars. An apparently good-natured representative of the Woodlawn Middle School, Colleen actually has a long-standing vendetta against Blinger. Years ago, she auditioned for a part of Woodlawn Middle School only to lose out to Blinger. Ever since that day, she vowed revenge on Blinger. Colleen kidnapped Blinger and caused an avalanche over the Woodlawn Middle stars licensees on Mt. Woodlawn in the hopes of getting a second shot on the show.


Colleen Rooney vowed revenge on Blinger Motley.

Colleen Rooney
Some attributes
First Name: Colleen Rooney
Second Birthday: April 24, 1999
Third Friends: Spike Ellison, Mista Ellison, Blinger Motley, Chomperoo Ebrahimi
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Albert Hartmann
Fifth Likes: Making Friends She Knows