Marty Benihana
Some attributes
First Name: Marty Benihana
Second Birthday: October 27, 2000
Third Relatives: Kristen Benihana (sister)
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Albert Hartmann
Fifth Friends: Spike Ellison, Blinger Motley, Mista Ellison, Chomperoo Ebrahimi
Sixth Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets and Fries, Tater Tots, Mac n Cheese, Brownies
It's Jeyder Luna Sticking His Tongue Out!

Marty Benihana, as he appears in A Spirit's Society.

Marty Benihana is a character appeared in A Spirit's Society. He is Kristen Benihana's brother, and he loves to play with her. Marty wears glasses, black shaggy hair, dark skin, blue leather jacket with a white hoodie, gray tight jeans, and white shoes with stripes.


Marty and Kristen are relatives.