Mista Ellison

Mista Ellison, as he appeared in Hometown Hijinks

Mista Ellison is one of the most widely featured characters in Spike Ellison's Underground, having appeared in Hometown Hijinks being Spike Ellison's best friend. In every appearance, Mista can be categorized by his signature lime and blue jacket and tight blue pants. In every appearance he also wears large, circular goggles which obscure his eyes. Mista is also easily identified by his pink mutton chops and blue mohawk.


Mista Ellison and Spike Ellison

Mista Ellison
Some attributes
First Name: Mista Ellison
Second Birthday: September 18, 1994
Third Relatives: Spike Ellison (best friend), Jeremy Ellison (brother)
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Albert Hartmann
Fifth Favorite Food: Pizza, Cake, Pepsi, Cheetos, Chicken Strips, Calzones, Breadsticks, Subway Sandwiches, Water.
are best friends.