Sarah Gordy
Some attributes
First Name: Sarah Gordy
Second Birthday: January 6, 1997
Third Friends: Spike Ellison, Mista Ellison, Blinger Motley, Chomperoo Ebrahimi
Other attributes
Fourth Enemies: Albert Hartmann
Fifth Favorite Food: Ribs, Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, Broiled Chicken

Sarah Gordy is the Spike Ellison's friend appeared in Sarah Gordy's Fun Park. She is Lauren Bennett's friend, and was wearing Under Armour pants, as does Marty's sister, Kristen Benihana and Lauren Bennett.


Spike and the gang visit the Fun Park, and will strive to get tickets first.
Sarah Gordy 1

Sarah Gordy and Lauren Bennett, as they appear in "Sarah Gordy's Fun Park"